Atheist’s don’t hate you or the God(‘s) you worship

Big Bang Molecules

Big Bang Molecules

I have been getting asked about my Atheism a lot lately and I wanted to explain something that I feel all Theists should know: Atheist’s don’t hate you or the God(‘s) you worship.

I have thought about this a lot and here is my response to that.
I feel that most atheists would agree that the problem we have with religion really has nothing to do with the person rather the things we feel it can make a person do. For example, I know of people who agree 100% with everything science says, from evolution to the bigbang, to the length of time the earth has been here. They agree with everything except that it wasn’t chance, it was God. Their definition of God is our definition of chance (as used in the context that the Big Bang just happened for no reason) and really the only thing that differs is they give a bit more purpose in their eyes to the Big Bang by saying it was just how God made the universe. That’s okay, no one on the side of chance is going to really say their wrong because that is how they view it. They still agree on everything else.

I think it is a beautiful way to see the differences between the two ideologies, no one from those groups really fight, they work together quite harmoniously because they don’t have to fight over trivial things. Scientist’s see data, peer review data just as sacred as the devout see biblical teachings because they know that it has been tested with all the scrutiny of hundreds of other minds looking for flaws in the math or hypothesis, ultimately, finding a flaw first is kind of a big thing to some scientists, just to be the one who publishes first that the other person was wrong. The whole “everyone is watching and waiting for me to mess up” because if you can be proven wrong, someone will because they could make a name doing so, it is set up that way to make sure bad information is flushed out. Any person that is on the side of chance sees numbers and math like the holy spirit of the bible, able to decode the cosmos and let them understand how gravity works, how the smallest things clump together and form things like Betelgeuse, and what food is really made of. I mean I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to understand those things. Yet there are some that fear answers like this, they’re intimidated by knowledge.

These are some religious people that go as far Right as you can and think that this “God” is demanding them to do things that normally would be considered horrible. But some of these crazy and radical things are condoned by many saying that it was the “Will of God”. That is when these people of chance start to get worried. These radicals take over in many places, causing death and sometimes poverty. They think suffering is the answer to the world, in some faiths they literally think this, the more you suffer, the closer you are to God. But are they?

Speaking from the side of chance, I don’t think suffering accomplishes anything. Life was meant to be lived, we are the product of 4.5 Billion years of evolution. Our microbial ancestors didn’t fight and climb up the food chain just to evolve to the point of willful suffering for reasons that don’t really make sense. I am only saying that over all, it doesn’t really matter that the earth is 6000 years old when the numbers say otherwise, it changes nothing think that it is that young, it just creates division; all for nothing.

The only thing I hope someone gets out of this is Atheists don’t have a problem with you as long as you are not trying to hinder the advancement of science. Build your churches, worship your God(‘s), just don’t use it as a tool for hate, discrimination and manipulation and were good. We all have to live together, there is so much we have left to learn, let’s just work together and build a better future for our children and our children’s children.

– Jesse



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