Do you ever feel robbed of the future you could have had?

fdr-labor2-jpg80 years ago progressives built a world where everyone could thrive and succeed but then something happened; something changed. In November 1980, profit was again put before the people. That election changed 40 years of progress and reverted us back to the daily struggle we have today, mirroring the same path we were on before the Depression.

40 years ago going to school was not the only deciding factor of whether or not you were going to live in poverty, you could get a job or go to school, didn’t matter because the minimum wage was above the poverty line. So someone who no skills could still work and live and even raise a family.6a00d83452403c69e20133f3fb0ca5970b Today however, going to school seems to be a sure fire way to live in poverty, between student loans, cost of materials and classes and the cost of living, people struggle all the time, in and out of school. Of all the people I know who went to college only 1 is doing really well, the rest still struggle daily.

This is why we need to make sure we get our government back, so we can get our economy back. Because if not the future is bleak and unless you’re one of the lucky ones born to privilege and wealth or one of the lucky ones striking it rich in the economy, you’re going to be a slave until you die.

Are you going to rise up against your master and say “no more”?



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