Hillary Clinton flips (again) on Universal Heathcare. Will she flip again? With Clinton’s record, anything is possible.

Hillary Clinton Iowa Victory Speech - 2016-02-01

Hillary Clinton Iowa Victory Speech – 2016-02-01

Universal Healthcare has become one of the hottest topics on the Left of the 2016 election because most people no longer want to pay 30% of their income for insurance they have to pay another 5-10% just to use. The people on the Right want to completely do away with the Affordable Care Act but haven’t spoke about what law they would replace it with. But Universal Healthcare, according to the Clinton camp is an impossible pipe dream.

“I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the ACA.” Hillary Clinton said on January 29th. “I don’t want it repealed. I don’t want us to be thrown back into a terrible, terrible national debate,(Source)” On Wednesday, House Minority speaker Nancy Polosi (D-CA) said “We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes (Source)”, meaning that the 2.2% tax hike that working Americans would see is opposed by the establishment. (Sanders full plan is HERE)

Here is the deal: Right now, most Americans lose 1/3rd of their pay just to pay for something that many of them might not even use. Imagine if there was a law that said you had to go buy Gas and there was a minimum amount you had to buy. If you don’t buy a certain amount of gas by the end of the year, you would then be fined for not buying it. Now it doesn’t matter that you might not need to buy gas or that you might not be able to afford to buy gas because the law says everyone must buy it. But to top it off, once you fill up your car with gas, you have to pay a fee (price varies depending on where you got your gas from) just to start your car so you can use the gas you just bought. This is what the Affordable Care Act is doing to me. This isn’t some hypothetical situation.

An interesting turn of events happened yesterday (2/1/2016) after the Iowa Caucuses; Hillary Clinton said “I know that we can finish the job of Universal Healthcare coverage for every single man, woman and child”. (Said @1:32)

Now remember on the 29th, 3 days before the video, Clinton said “”People who have health emergencies can’t wait for us to have a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass.”

Is Clinton just pandering to Bernie Sanders voters? Trying to trick or lure them into thinking “well I guess she will fight for it after all” even though she said it will never work. This Universal Healthcare flip comes days after an article (HERE) about how Clinton has taken $13 Million from the Healthcare industry; over $4 million just in this 2016 cycle (Source HERE added up Health Pro’s, Pharma and Hospitals).

As someone who supports Bernie Sanders and Universal Healthcare, I find it hard to trust Clinton because she isn’t the first establishment politician who has promised the world and then even flipped just to win votes. Bernie Sanders is by far the only person who can fight for Americans without also being pulled to the side saying “your donors don’t approve”. Clinton says she can’t be bought but her record says otherwise. Fill the Clinton coffers with gold and you will hear their position change to match your views.

As someone who cannot afford the current system and is facing financial ruin because of the ACA, I’m voting where my pocket book points to what would be the best. I don’t have the luxury to vote because of principle, I have to vote the way I do because right now the future is bleak and unless things change now, my child’s future will be just as horrible and it will be my grandkids fighting for the same thing we are right now. America isn’t the place you can thrive just by simply being here anymore; hasn’t been since the 1980s.

Today there is so much competition in the workforce that people are forced to take ultra low wages just so the bottom line of the company can gain 0.3% extra. But that lack of competition is because the people who normally would take the risk and open a new business are stuck in a low paying jobs with no ways of making their dreams a reality because they have no money to save, so they have nothing to start their business. Until we fix the campaign finance system, we can’t fix our low wage system, meaning we can’t fix our low employment situation, meaning we can’t have the flowing Capitalistic system we had, instead the money will continue to go to the top, never to come back down.

Americans are suffocating by the amount of burdens being piled on them. A Healthcare tax would put 28-35% of my income back in my pocket. Stick with the one who has stuck with you and didn’t change their mind because someone with money told them too. Stick with the person who cares about the American people, not the person who was told who to care about because of a donation. Stick with the man who makes every topic about how Americans are sick and tired of the status quo. Stick with Bernie Sanders.



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