Why a vote for Bernie Sanders might be a vote for the Republicans

Now don’t get me wrong! Bernie Sanders is a fantastic Politician and a real champion of the people and if he runs, he has my vote! Sanders is someone I think FDR himself would be proud of and supported. The problem with Sanders running for President is that this nation is divided straight down the middle and Sanders does not have the support on the Right.

Bernie Sanders has done many things for the American people, by standing by Mrs. Elizabeth Warren on her campaign for income equality for Women, Student Loan debt, Minimum wage debates and I am sure the list can go on but he has also made some very powerful enemies. The Koch brothers are one of the richest family’s trying to force change in America through the Republican Party. 2014 Elections alone they spent over $100,000,000 to beat democratic officials across the board and that money was well spent being as the GOP took the Senate and retained the House.

Now I have not seen any attack ads directed at Sanders and honestly they will only come if Sanders runs. Now here is one of the biggest issues many on the right will have; Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. Now I have no issues with Socialism but remember the attacks on Obama and they had no proof that he was a Socialist, Sanders is quite outspoken about it.

So here is why I say that Sanders shouldn’t run, at least not yet. In late 2012, Rasmussen did a poll and found that only 24% of Americans think Socialism is good leaving 67% saying no to this. Now 45% of the 24% were Democrats leaving 45% saying they did not support it. So that would tell me that 100% of Republicans are Anti-Socialism, so I do not think that Sanders would get many of the republican vote instead he would get half of the democratic vote.

That means that if he runs and say Hilary Clinton runs for the Democratic Party, half the votes would go Sanders and the other half would go Clinton. Leaving the GOP vote 100% intact with all the attack ads that would be sure to come. America is so scared of Socialism because they simply don’t understand it. Many have never read a book on Communism and Socialism and only ever use the Cold War as a reason to not pursue it. Never mind that China has Social-Capitalism and is thriving.

I love Bernie Sanders, I think that he is a great man and someday the American people would like to have someone like him in the pilot seat but at this point in time I would think that him running will only hurt this country by giving the votes Hilary could have got, allowing a Republican victory and a loss for the American People.



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